Welcome to matazoa, a resting place for the battered, bandaged and bloodied bands and troubadors seeking comfort and soulfood to give them strength and maybe companionship to continue to spread their own particular gospel. We would like to be a business but are hampered and blessed by incompetence and wonder, so we just make music. We have no contracts and frankly wish that some of the acts, artistes and bands would bugger off. Anyway  you can hear some of the music at http://www.soundcloud.com/derekstaton see what you think.

Here’s a bit of info about the performers.

Osi Iymi is an enigmatic acronym (say it like oh si  eye  eemi) for Only Say It If You Mean It.

osi iymi

She is a muse who visits her  sage’s head when he dreams. She lives in Kuala Lumpur selling T shirts for the brain. She is also one half of the Cut and Shut Band

The Far King Supernovas are Dave Far, Dave Goody, Dave King and Gotfreid Thistlethwaite. 

supernovas 1

They first appeared as the Far King Goody Thistlethwaites, then the Goody Far King Gotfreids before their present incarnation. They enjoy sticking pins in each other and guffawing.

ezwaldo writes music for films that are yet to be made. He is currently working on a future feature about a group of alien slaves escaping from the ‘YaYa Sho collective in London’s Camden Town. Guided by a Komodo Dragon they descend into the abattoir that is Camden’s underbelly where the trodden Pizzas and Burgers feed the rats, roaches and residents from the greasy welcome mats and encrusted carpets of the local public houses. The film will star the Fiennes Dynasty as a troupe of roll up bucolic alcohol swilling poets and will win at Cannes.


ezwaldo’s other project is as half of the Cut and Shut Band. He is also a sage.

 Mr Slater the Translator speaks several languages simultaneously. He usually says four or five words at the same time. He also speaks to dead people and trees. To date no one living has ever been able to understand anything he’s ever said. He is the contract negotiator for Matazoa Music and also a government spokesman for signposts.

mr slater

The Cut and Shut Band is the happy union of Osi Iymi and ezwaldo. They share interests in beeswax, shuttlecocks and goats. They are opening a designer outlet “COATS for GOATS” targeting the rich old lady market. They will soon release an album. There is not much more of interest to say about them as they don’t do interviews. 


Join us.

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